Common Features Of Gas Grills

People nowadays are choosing gas grills over other grill types. The most common reason for which is that they have features which makes them easier for people to use. However, not all gas grills have the same features and the cost of each one rises as more features are incorporated to its design. If you are planning on buying a gas grill, here are the common features you can look for to aid you in making a decision.

1. Cooking Grates

The cooking grate is where you place the food to be grilled. It is best if you check first the material in which the grate is made up of before buying the grill. There are usually three types of cooking grates. There is the coated aluminum, the cast iron and the stainless steel. Each type has its own pros and cons and you should determine which one would suit your needs best.

2. Burners

The burners are where the heat used for cooking the food comes from. They can be made up of aluminized steel, stainless steel, cast iron or other materials. Most gas grills also come with side burners wherein side dishes and sauces are made and kept warm before serving.

3. Smoker Box

One advantage of a charcoal grill over a gas grill is that it can produce smoky flavors in grilled foods. This feature of a gas grill addresses this advantage of charcoal grills because the smoker box is where you can cook foods so that they can have that smoky flavor that you want.

4. Storage Drawers

This is usually found in the grill's body. Grilling equipment such as the propane tank and other accessories are stored here. Trays containing residues and drips of the foods grilled can also be found in storage drawers.

5. Rotisseries

Some grills have rotisseries wherein you can cook big portions of chicken, beef, pork, turkey or any other kinds of meat. They usually come with a motor and need electricity to work.

6. Electronic Ignition

When igniting a gas grill, you will only have to push a button. It is very safe and easy to light the grill. Fires can be prevented and you will not need to spend more time any more just to start the fire and grill the food.