Sunflower Oil: Creating Golden French Fries

I have not met a person yet that does not love the popular French fry. Everyone has a distinct enjoyment for this type of food and it expands from young to old alike. But how do you achieve the very sought after golden and crisp French fry?

Let's explore this for a moment. The ideal French fry is one that is soft and fluffy on the outside yet crispy and golden brown on the outside. When you bite into the French fry you should feel the satisfaction of the crunch and enjoy the softness of the inside. This is a something that many restaurants and take-away café's strive for. So let's see how we can do this.

First of all, you need a batch of good clean golden sunflower oil. Sunflower oil has a high heat threshold which means that it retains its goodness even at high temperatures. Pour the oil into a pot filling it about half way and bring to a boil. This is an important step. You have to wait for the oil to boil first. If you place the French fries into the oil before it has boiled, they will be more soggy and logged with cooking oil. Once the oil has come to a boil, carefully place the strips of potatoes fries into the pot. If you have rinsed the potato strips, ensure that you have dried them off before placing them in the oil to prevent any hot oil splashing at you.

Next, monitor the frying process. The ideal length of time to fry the French fries is 5 minutes. I suggest that you keep an eye on it until it is a light golden brown colour. This will indicate that the outer part of the French fry is crispy. At this point the inside should be soft and fluffy. If you leave it in the frying oil for much longer it could completely harden on the outside and the insider making for a very crispy fry.

Once you have completed frying the French fries, remove them from the sunflower oil and place them in a bowl lined with kitchen towel. The kitchen towel will absorb the excess oil which would normally soak in the French fry and make it soggy. Most of the oil will drain from the fries and leave them looking golden brown and crispy.

There you have it. Follow these guidelines and you could create your own golden French fries.

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