Sunflower Oil: Creating Golden Batter Fish

In my previous article, I looked at creating the perfect golden French fry. So what else would suit the golden French fry better than golden batter fish? One of my favourite meals is the classic fish and chips dish. It brings together two worlds for me, the sea and the land; and what a tasty combination that is. Well, let's get started and take a look at how we can create a golden batter fish to go with the golden French fries.

Fish can be a tricky meal to make but if you have the right type of fish it should all go well. I suggest you speak to your local fish monger to find out what is locally sourced and suited for frying. When you have your fish, you need to start making the batter. In one bowl break a few cracked eggs and mix them together; enough so that you can dip the fish into the eggs. In the second bowl sift some flour while adding salt, pepper and some spices. I like to use hot spices to add a zing of flavour such as a bit of chilli spice and maybe a touch of masala. This adds a bit of a twist to the traditional fish and chips.

Pour sunflower oil about half way into a pan and bring it to a boil. Take the fish and dip it into the eggs mixture then directly after then dip it into the flour mixture. Make sure that both sides of the fish are dipped into the egg and flour mixtures so that it is completely covered. Then take the batter covered fish and place it into the frying oil. Fry the fish for about 10 minutes until it is golden brown on both sides. Make sure to move the fish around a bit so that the batter does not get stuck to the bottom of the pan. Then gently remove the fish from the cooking oil and place it in a bowl that you have lined with kitchen towel. As with the French fries, you want the oil to drain from the fish so that it can be crispy and less logged in oil. Draining as much of the oil from the fish as possible will improve the health benefits.

That is how I create the ideal fish and chips meal with the assistance of golden sunflower oil. Also, remember not to use the same fried oil. Rather dispose of the oil safely and prepare a fresh batch of oil if you want to prepare another meal.

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